Determining Sales Tax Paid in


We have a small problem that I’m sure you smart folks know how to solve. :wink:

We charge sales tax for our state and need to pay that in. So we need to know how much tax has been paid in.

Is there a way to do that in the admin section? We tried exporting it but for some reason the tax is added to the subtotal so it won’t let us categorize and add it up.

I don’t know if I made sense or not. Thanks for your help in advance!

I assume your using 2.0 as you’ve posted in this section.

You should be able to do it with Sales reports.

Orders → Sales Reports

Where then? I can’t figure out how to see how much sales tax has been paid or to see all the folks that have paid from a certain state. What I need is to see the amount paid in sales tax.


  1. Orders -->> Sales Reports
  2. Click ‘manage reports’
  3. Click ‘Add report’, give name ‘Taxes’, click ‘save’.
  4. Click ‘edit’ on ‘Taxes’ report you just created.
  5. Click ‘+ Add Chart’
  6. Give the chart a name, i.e ‘Order Taxes’

    You can now customise with what information you want displayed.

    I’ve never tried it but it should help.