Designing Newsletters

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I am very new to designing & sending out newsletters. Can someone help me out and give me some hints on how to set one up ? I want to include blocks such as newest items added, among other things, but I don’t have any idea of where & how to start :confused:

Thanks in advance…[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Ooops…nevermind :oops: Figured it out…

BUT what I can’t seem to figure out, is how can I add a hidden page with blocks to be on that page only…such as a large list of all the newly added items. If I add a page, it has all the blocks pre-chosen for other pages. I want this one to be different than the rest… This will be the landing page for newsletter customers

Any tricks I should know about :slight_smile:

Also…once I set up the “News” page(s), how do I access them ?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Found my answers[/COLOR][/SIZE] :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘DawnG’][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Found my answers[/COLOR][/SIZE] :)[/quote]

how about sharing them?

Im looking for this too Dawn.