Design Tweaks for Toy Store Template

Here’s what I want to do:

  1. Remove the Quick Links at the top, but leave the bottom links.

  2. Remove the Currency Selector, since I only deal with US dollars.

  3. Move the Cart button/view cart/checkout link to another location.

    I understand how to change a value in the CSS, and how to use Addons to override a tpl when making larger changes, but what is the best way to REMOVE something or MOVE it without messing up the hooks? I mean, so there won’t be conflicts with future updates. Can you please show exactly how should be done?


first one i know

YourSkin - Customer - top_quick_links.tpl, delete all lines and save it.

The currency selector should go away if you change the status of the unwanted currencies to ‘Disable’. Alternatively, you could delete the unwanted items.

Regarding your first item, I have on my list of unsubmitted feature requests the ability to specify in a revised (Top) Links section whether the link appears in the header, the footer or both. I will submit this request in the next couple of days.


So in the top.tpl, the hook appears in red below. Just delete it? Then if I leave the hook in the bottom.tpl, the links will stay in the footer?



[COLOR=“Red”] {include file=“top_quick_links.tpl”}[/COLOR]

{include file=“top_menu.tpl”}[/QUOTE]

In your opinion, is this type of change okay to do in the CSS, as opposed to putting it in add-ons as an override tpl??


[quote name=‘Healthy Pets’]

In your opinion, is this type of change okay to do in the CSS, as opposed to putting it in add-ons as an override tpl??[/quote]

Don’t get ahead of yourself,

You will need to edit the CSS to accommodate the changes you’ll be making.

With reference to top_quick_links.tpl

Don’t delete the TPL reference,

Instead open the said TPL and edit the text

This is strange. I am trying to do this with my theme which is a modified version of Default Orange. If I delete the text within top_quick_links.tpl, the quick links at the top remain. Cache cleared and everything.

I’ve attached an image of what I am referring to as quick links - this is correct, yes?


For your view cart and checkout link open top.tpl and look for {include file=“views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl”}. Move this where you want it to show. You might have to play around with styles.css to make it work where you want it to reside. I moved mine to the header.


that did the trick