Design Mode not working.

Design mode doesn't work. All I see is a normal page.

Is there something I might have done wrong ?

Works just fine on my trial site ( as I just checked ).

[size=5]******** Solved *******[/size]

I noticed that Admin didn't have all privileges

so I gave it All Privileges.

'Design mode' and 'Act on behalf of' now work as they should.

This problem is occurring using IE9 or Chrome.

Can I suggest you remove the link at the top of the page, it's suggested you change the name of your admin.php file but you have just given a headsup of what you changed it to.

I had a problem similiar to this a while ago although mine wasn't showing the option to view the page in customization mode it was simply saying your changes have been saved… What I had to do was clear the cache and also the caches on my server (smartoptimiser and the cache in /var).

Thank you Ralkan but all this file editing just goes over my head.

I just wish the cart would behave as it is supposed to.