Design Layout does not match website

This is a strange one perhaps …

We run multivendor and a couple of storefronts. The storefronts are effectively the same … however one storefront has a completely different layout in the admin area to what is presenting live on the web.

The storefront and the website as it presents on the WWW is correct. It presents as how it should.
However in the back end admin panel under Design Layouts Layouts … the blocks and settings etc for both the Default Page and the Home page do not match the www presentation.

I discovered the issue as I was going to add some text to a Home Page block and it was not available in the storefront on the home page under Design Layout Layout … in fact, for this storefront, the default layout and homepage layout almost seem to the the ‘default’ cscart layout.

The store front them is the same on both storefronts.

Any ideas on a fix? To get the design layout to match the WWW presentation …

As mentioned, the website is presenting correctly … but the layout does not match and I want to add to the layout.

Many thanks

Please make sure that you changes blocks for the correct layout


I did check your suggestion and the layout is the same across all storefronts - but for this one storefront, the layout and blocks do not match the website presentation.

Very very odd?

Anything else I can check? I want to adjust the one layout which does not match!

It is required to examine issue on your Multi-Vendor installation. We never faced such issue with layouts