Dependent Product Filters On Cs-Cart

I would like to ask how to achieve dependent product filters on CS-CART, like:

BRAND > MODEL > YEAR > Parts Type

It seems this feature is in CS-CART since some time, but I am not able to find it.

I tried to explore the advice from Admin on this link:

I can not find that solution yet, please help.

Thank You

May be the following addon can help you

Hi eComLabs,

thank you for your answer, I am sorry I did not write that, in our intention is to use the FEATURES from standard cs-cart.

This way we do not need to import all products features again from beginning.

In your module I see that we need to start working from beginning to list all possible combinations.

This will take a lot of efforts also to maintain it in the future.

We would like to have filter dependencies on existing features we made already.

Thank You

Thank you for the message. Note that we did not develop this module, just found it in the marketplace