Demo Site Hacked

Did anyone else notice that the CS-cart demo site was hacked? It looks like it has just been refreshed, but I don’t know if the means the vulnerability has been addressed. I grabbed the attached screen shot before the site was restored.


Probably not hacked, I could have done that in the back end on site news tabs

You may have left the admin and pass the default and someone came up on it and saw this. Make sure you changed the admin user and pass and rename the admin.php to another name and also make these changes to your config.local

It’s the demo site that was hacked, not hdg’s actual site. I’ve seen this happen before but it had “site hacked by …” all over the place and not just in the one place. However, all of this text is easily changed in the back end and doesn’t mean the site has actually been hacked.

Oh, it’s so funny :). Actually, you can update the site news, update a product (title, descr, etc.) or Quick links. Just this data was changed.

And I can type all I want - “I’m a cool hacker”, “Site was hacked” and “Hacked by alexions!”

Have a nice day!

April 1st is at hand…