Demo Mode + Themes Panel - Are There Docs/crons For These?

When setting up a demo store there is the demo_mode config and the THEMES_PANEL constant available. I am getting a storefront rolling to showcase some stuff, and demo mode seems to be what i need.

Are there docs on CS-Cart demo_mode somewhere? Besides the bar across the top, what exactly goes on when these are activated? Is there a way to set a custom snapshot? Does cron need to be set up? What am I missing?


You should create a script which will restore your store by cron task. It is not a part of CS-Cart package actually

Setup demo mode with the clean site how you want it.

Do a backup of the DB or use phpMyAdmin to copy it to a different name.

Setup the cron job as Ecom indicated that will copy the pristine version of the DB to the one associated with the site using command line version of mySQL..

Next site access will have a reset environment.

I kind of like how cs-cart has done their demo sites. Seems to be a instance of the demo site that is unique for the session.

Ahh ok that makes more sense as to why it doesnt seem to do anything. I just started messing with it last night, but didn't see any actual guts besides the theme bar countdown script.

I think i will try to piggyback on CS-Cart cron with this then, might make it easier. Maybe even use CS restore points that way as well.