Delivery Method getting problem

First i make a clone of my item, one item i have given the option “CD Package” and clone item i have given “E-mail Delivery” But i see my both of the item have same delivery method, after again rechange the setting it will shows both same delivery method.

I try on other item and make a clone but getting same problem.

Please solve this problem. :frowning:


Are you using the Suppliers add-on to bind products to shipping methods? If so, there appears to be a bug when ordering a single product. It was reported as bug #947 in the Bug Tracker. If this is the problem, please add your comments to the bug thread so that the developers see that this issue is affecting more people than just me.


No i am not using supplier add-on and it is already uninstall, i don’t know the information about this addon.

I see i delete the delivery method and recreate again and it works now. I want to know why it does not work when the item was clone and delivery method was same without recreate.

Sorry for the bad english.

It is still not clear how you are tying the shipping method to the product if you are not using the Supplier add-on. You can set up the shipping methods to restrict delivery to specific locations. but you cannot restrict shipping methods based on products without using the Supplier add-on to my knowledge. Can you explain how you are doing this?