Deleting Products Hidden In Store?

Hi Team,

I've noticed that every time I try to export products from my store, it ends up exporting way more products than I actually have.

As all product data has been imported into CS Cart from an inventory management program that we use (we have a much larger brick and mortar store and have a rotating inventory), it appears that somewhere along the line a bunch of products that we don't want on there. We have a whole section of this program dedicated to "legacy products" which we can't easily delete from the program.

At this point, on our website we should have approx. 7k products, but whenever I export, the number goes up to nearly 70k (picture attached.)

Now, I've looked in all of the places that I would expect these products to show up, such as the "Product Categories not in CS Cart" or even just searching under products without any filters, however, it only ever shows the 7k products. I've even tried clearing the cache in the hope that that may help, but to no avail.

Has anyone encountered this? Could anyone think of anywhere that these might be found?