Deleting product options Ver 2.14

Hello. I know can create product options and create dropdowns by inporting a line in my csv file such as…Color: S[select ,Black,Brown]; Size: S[select,8,10,11,]

If I want to delete them all, I import the same page with the “Option” column left blank, but all the data and options still appear on my site.!?

Then when I export, it shows that all the data is still in the database.

I even had “Delete all existing product inventory before import” checked.

How do I delete all product info without have to do each one manually? Help!

Are you importing the file with something in the last column, you must have info in the last column for it to import properly.


I do have an “A” in the last column (not sure why) and all info does import properly.

The problem was that I added a “Color” option to all of my products (along with Size & Width). I just want to remove the “Color” option from all of my particular products. If I check “Delete all existing product files beffore importing”, and re-import (with no Color field this time) the color field still appears after import, and the info is still in the database. I just want to delete the color field from each of the products. Thanks.