Deleting over 22500 products?

I have a serious problem.

I need to delete more then 22500 products (all products) and not any of the categories. I assume the best way of going about this is through phpMyAdmin. However I am not skilled enough to know what I need to do in phpMyAdmin.

Who can help me out here?

Try the following;

[COLOR=“Red”]1. backup your databse[/COLOR]

2. Export everything to a csv file

3. Do the changes to the csv file

4. Delete all categories in the admin

5. Import the csv file


Maybe I’m thinking about this too simply, but one thing you could do is:

1.) Backup Your Database

2.) Go to Admin => Design => Appearance Settings => Change the admin products per page to 1000

3.) Go to your Admin => Catalog => Products => Press the select all link => Chose Action => Delete

Sure, you will have to do this 23 times, but it should be pretty simple. This will keep all of your categories in tact, but remove all of your product data.

Not sure about the images though. You might need to manually remove those.

Also, I’m not sure about the server load and what you are hosted on. You might need to only do 500 products at a time or you might be able to do 2000. Just give it a try and see.

One thing though, why are you removing all of your products? That seems like a pretty huge thing to do.

Hope that helps,