Delete Product Tabs

A customer has multiple storefronts. In the non-main storefronts (2 of them) there is a product tab listed named description.bak. This causes duplicate descriptions on those storefronts.

However, I can't see a way via the admin panel to delete a product tab for a storefront.

What am I missing?

The status is "Global status: Active" but the main store does not have this tab defined.

If I try to look at the page in All stores, it wants me to select a storefront.

I would have expected the gear menu for an item to have a "Delete' otpion along with "Edit".

I must be overlooking something incredibly obvious!

Is it not a third party addon Tony? Hungryweb has one extra product tab.

I'm guessing some developer (before I got here) had backed up a DB row that created the new tab but only for additional storefronts.

Waiting on customer to install phpMyAdmin to look around (dedicated server). I'm guessing there is a property like 'is_global' that indicates whether it can be removed or not and since it's probably a copy of the original 'description' tab, my bet is that got copied along with it.