Delete Options In 2.2.4 - Nuclear Option?

I have a client running a 2.2.4 site where they offer sermon recordings for sale. When they set up the site they had the recordings available in both CD and Cassette. Now they want to sell only CDs. They have nearly 1,000 products and a number of them have the "cass" option entered manually as a product option. Is there a way to delete all of the "cass" option variants at one go, or will they have to go into each product, click options, variants, and then delete the variant?

Thanks in advance.

Im sure there was a post on here 2 weeks ago Kinglsey explaining how to do it via database but I think it was the whole option and not just variant. In which case you could export them all first, delete the option, edit the spreadsheet to remove the Css option then bring back in

I just cant find it at the moment


OK. I'm going to try emptying out the options field altogether by exporting, deleting everything in the Options column, then re-importing. Should that work to get rid of all options? My client has agreed that this would be better than (a) offering people something they don't have or [b] going through and deleting the option variants one by one.

OK tried the above but it didn't work. Any ideas?

No that only works if products are renamed or moved to another category/hidden etc.

I defo saw a post on here about deleting options via phpmyadmin, you would be better deleting them all then bringing in just the CD ones via import

Ive found this but I saw something else a few weeks ago...I must be going MAD !!!

We can create a special script for your needs. Feel free to contact us

"cass" variants have been successfully deleted :)



You are welcome!