Delete existing product question... ver 2.08

I check “Delete existing product files before input”, but the products (that are no longer in my Excel" spreadsheet) still are present on the site after my upload. Am I missing something?

Maybe it only deletes the products that are in your CSV file before importing the new data?


Dont quote me on this, but I think it pertains to files attached to products, not the actual product.

Also, be careful with the “reset inventory” option… It sets everything to zero… even prods that are not in your CSV… This was learned from experience one day… I thought I was only resetting the inventory of the products I was uploading… wrong…

The products you wish to delete… have any of them sold? Reason to ask is that in the orders of the customer, if any of them are in past orders, they will show up as a “deleted product” if you delete them and then go to look at the orders again.

What we did is create a category called “archived products” and set this category to “disabled” so that it doesnt show up in the customer area.

Then, when we have products that become retired or become EOL (end of life) and no longer available, we disable them and move them to this archived products category. this way there is always a reference to them for past orders if needed, and if for some reason they come back to life, they are available.

We also put subcategories under that archive and categorize them there as well… You do have to disable the subcategories under that archive subcategory too…

Main thing to remember tho is to disable the products under the archive.