Defining custom page size while converting PDF document

While I am converting HTML content to PDF document by using render function in “Tygh\Addons\PdfDocuments\Pdf”, it can’t resize the document to given sizes.

I see default param as ‘page_size’ => ‘A4’.
When I am trying to change page_size as A6 (for example), it resize. But it can’t resize it to given mm size like:
$params[‘page_height’] = ‘100mm’;
$params[‘page_width’] = ‘100mm’;
Pdf::render($content, $exactfilepath, true, $params);

But here ( GitHub - cscart/pdf: Service that converts HTML documents to PDF ) I see that there is page_width option but it doesn’t work. Am I doing something incorrect?


try to add

if (!empty($params['page_height'])) {


$params = array_merge($default_params, $params);

(!) Not tested

Thanks for the answer. But it doesn’t work: Tried to unset $params[‘page_size’] and $default_params[‘page_size’] and even adding

$params['page_height'] = '357px';
$params['page_width'] = '357px';

to app/addons/pdf_documents/src/Pdf.php but nothing changed. Just $params[‘page_size’] is accepting up to A6 variable.
Other Optional params

  • page_width (mm or px)
  • page_height (mm or px)

don’t work. I guess something is wrong at converter service.

When I look at pdf/Converter.php at master · cscart/pdf · GitHub I see

foreach ($params as $key => $value) {
            switch ($key) {
                case 'page_size':
                    if (in_array($value, ['A0', 'A1', 'A2', 'A3', 'A4', 'A5', 'A6'], true)) {
                        $options['format'] = $value;
                case 'orientation':
                    $options['landscape'] = strtolower($value) === 'landscape';
                case 'margin_left':
                    $options['margin']['left'] = $value;
                case 'margin_right':
                    $options['margin']['right'] = $value;
                case 'margin_top':
                    $options['margin']['top'] = $value;
                case 'margin_bottom':
                    $options['margin']['bottom'] = $value;
                case 'page_height':
                    $options['height'] = $value;
                case 'page_width':
                    $options['width'] = $value;

bu page_height and page_width doen’t work.

Something is wrong here: Because page_size can’t be sent empty, page_width and page_height don’t get any value.
$options[‘format’] will be filled in every way by page_size.

Sorry, in this case I cannot help you without further code examination

Thanks. I have contact to Cs-cart via help desk and informed about the issue and will be waiting for reply.

Thank you for your report.

I see that you have already reported this issue through the Help Desk and we have confirmed it as a bug, so I will also mark the current status of your request here.