Defer Cloudfront .js

Good morning,

I am looking for a small bit of help. I have managed to defer all js files on my site, however am struggling to defer the cloudfront hosted .js that is here.

I have been using this code;

Due to the queries on the end i'm unsure if i am able to defer these as the filename will constantly be changing.


I'm not familiar with Cloudfront but the file mentioned is a .css file if that makes a difference.


I'm not sure that deferring loading Tygh engine is a good idea. I understand that you want to get a speed boost of the first visit, but you have a risk to break the whole website. If you want to speed up your page loading – just put this file into the browser cache and set an expiration time about 1-2 weeks. Anyway, did you try to use 'async' or 'defer' attributes?

I have a number of .js files that are blocking page rendering that I can't seem to shift to the bottom. Any help really would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you