Default Responsive Theme Install Less Error

Trying to install the default responsive theme that comes with CS Cart v4.2.4 results in a broken homepage due to the error below with the /public_html/design/themes/responsive/css/styles.less style sheet. Clearing the cache via the admin panel and FTP doesn't fix it. Adding a color to the line results in additional error after error found with any line that defines lighten or darken for color or background. This seems to be a common issue but couldn't find the fix using a google or forums search so any help would be really appreciated.

LESS expected color value: failed at `color: darken(@links, 10%);` line: 52

.transition(all 150ms);
a:hover {
color: darken(@links, 10%);
ul {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;

Bump. Anyone have the fix for this issue?

Please contact CS-Cart support team with this issue. We have never faced such issue.

Was a solution ever given for this issue? I'm having the same message after upgrading my version.

Try adding the following to the beginning of the file, if that works, you should edit the color code accordingly:

@links: #111;

Try to switch used style or make sure that the following file exists, not empty and has definition for the @links variable