Default Product Option

Hello, I posted a few months back on this issue but was unable to resolve. We previously had CS-Cart 3.05 and on the product options the first one in the option variant would show as default to the customer. Now that we have upgraded to the latest version of cs-cart (4.9.3.SP1) it no longer sets the first option variant as the default. Instead is says "Please, select one". Is there a way to have is have the first variant set? For example if we have two sizes available one "Small" and one "Large" the Small variant would be set to default. Note that When set to "Required" is when the "Please, select one" appears as the first selection. I'll attach screenshot for reference.
Thanks for any feedback!

Forgot to post screenshot

It usually shows "please select one" if you have the options set as sequential and not as "simultanious"

This way you can choose the second one till you have chosen the first