Default language issue and can´t close store

Hello all,

I come accross a strange issue. I can´t seem to set the default language for the storefront and the admin to dutch. I go to Administration / appearance and set it to dutch under both Administration panel default language and under Customer area default language. I also set the administrator language to dutch and still the admin and the store opens in English instead of dutch.

I have now installed the store from the ground up twice but to no avail.

The store close issue has been resolved.

Does anyone know what is going on.



Has noone else come accross this issue and found a solution?

I mean it must be possible to have the main language set to dutch and the second language set to english.

I just noticed that this language issue is limited to Firefox and Google Chrome. In Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 11 the default language is dutch but in Firefox 3 and Chrome 8 it is english.

How weird is that?

Can anyone reproduce this? Or is it just me?