Debug Block


I create custom addon. It consist of 3 files

addon.xml - nothing special, just couple of settings.

schemas/block_manager/ - add template for a block

'templates' => array (
'addons/loo_slider/blocks/slider.tpl' => array()

addons/loo_slider/blocks/slider.tpl - template file


{** block-description:slider2 **}


TEst tt

Install addon, activate addon, add block via Layout editor in Admin panel - works fine.

Now I need to customize my template file. I change code in [b]addons/loo_slider/blocks/slider.tpl [/b]file.
Clear cache (Admin panel option, add to url &cc, add to url &ctpl)
Nothing changed in front-end.

Changes applies only after addon uninstall/install procedure.

How to see template file changes on front-end?

Thank you.