Death to Internet Explorer!

I create all kinds of notes (using Notepad), little snippets that I might or might not implement, so I forgot where I got this gem but props to the author!

Open index.tpl in your template/customer folder.

Place right after tag:

<!--[if lte IE 7]><div class="notice">You have better choices - Internet Explorer 6 was released <strong>8 years ago</strong> and parts of our Web site will not work on this non-compliant Web browser. For Security, for Compatibility, and for Humanity, please consider these free and better replacements for Internet Explorer: <a href="[URL][/URL]">Firefox</a>, <a href="[URL][/URL]">Opera</a>, <a href="[URL][/URL]">Safari</a> or <a href="[URL][/URL]">Google Chrome</a>. Thank you!</div><![endif]-->
```Add to style.css:<br />
<br />
.notice {margin:5px 0;padding:10px;border:1px solid #dedeb9;background:#ffffd4;text-align:center;}<br />
<br />
You can adjust the CSS to suit your needs but this displays a small notice at the top of your Web pages to encourage complacent people to upgrade their browser. Basically you could use this for anything that needed in-your-face attention.<br />
<br />
NOTICE: I know very little about coding so do not ask me how to implement this outside of the instructions I provided. With my help your site might crash permanently :P

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well said - thanks for the code…

I work for a HUGE (and I do mean HUGE) company, with sites in almost every country on the map and we are forced to use IE6. It took a security team less than an hour to drop by our desks after installing FF3 a few months ago asking why who etc and waving company policy documents in our faces and making us sign non-compliance records before forceably removing the software… ho-hum :wink: