DB Type mysql or mysqli? SQL errors 1030 and 1064

I have been trying to resolve SQL error I am getting on my site intermittently. Doing research here and elsewhere, both errors seem to be related to inadequate storage or accessing temp files. Space is not a problem and my ISP has confirmed there are no restrictions here.

Here is the last memo I got from my ISP …


it looks like your store is set to use a mysqli connection instead of a mysql connection.


on line 47


$config[‘db_type’] = ‘mysqli’;

I have set the mysqli connections to be non persistent this may help- if it does not try setting that line to mysql instead of mysqli

Thank you,


Level II Site/Script Compatibility


Please verify what db_type I should be using. Also, any information or links you could provide that may help me solve this problem would be helpful.

The changing changing of the sql connection persistence DOES seem to have helped. I used to be able to generate an error with <5 clicks on site links … I have not gotten the error today after many clicks.

if available, mysqli should be used. Performance will be improved on servers with moderate to heavy DB loads.