DATABASE read/write splits

Anyone have an interest for a add-on to make this happen ?:

modify the database object so that one can have multiple mysql slave servers for READ (select,etc)

and one or more master for writes ? ( INSERT / UPDATE ETC)

this would make it easier for scaling in the cloud :wink:

should be done at the database level, not at the application level. I.e. mysqld, not cs-cart.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]should be done at the database level, not at the application level. I.e. mysqld, not cs-cart.[/QUOTE]

Any info on this? We had huge problems with the MYSQL load in october with 2.1.1 - we had a huge amount of traffic,

The machine was a 16core with 24GB Ram,

With 5 front end machines running round robbin,

The MYSQL seemed to be a huge issue with the load,

We’ve been told that 2.1.2 has reduced the load by 92% and that 2.1.3 reduces the load even more, but we need to load test this in a bigger environment,

Any suggestions would be welcome,


I don’t know about the 92% number…

I do know that they have improved the caching in 2.1.2 which reduces the demand on the DB.

I also know that they have reduced the number of queries to the DB in 2.1.3 and claim that it’s faster as a result. But caution should be used. Reducing the number of queries does not always improve the speed of the system. Many times multiple queries are much faster than large joins that require significant compilation on the DB server.

Sounds like you have a fairly sophisticated environment. I would assume that you have good tools to monitor the activity between your front-end web-servers and your back-end database server and that you can look at the internal statistics of your DB engine too.

hi there

I have just got into cs-cart and have been investigating HA (high availability) setups.

I believe a dual master, or master-master mysql instance(s) over multiple servers (or even over multiple geographic regions) would be the best bet. I also run a 3rd (read-only) slave server, just for backup purposes.

This will allow you to have a fully scaled CS-cart setup in multiple data centers, countries or whatever you like.

Due to the dual-master setup, you have multiple servers that can have data inserted simultaneously. If you have a REALLY big setup, you have can dual or tri-masters with several slaves. As long as you setup your masters correctly, you will not have data duplication problems.