Database error: 1044


my site has a problem with database after i enable the debug mode as admin.

is there any way manually disable debug mode ?

any suggestion is appreciated.

thanks in advance.


Database error: 1044 : Access denied for user ‘biopione’@‘%’ to database ‘biopione’

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_sessions (session_id, expiry) values(‘d7b3f6d7a8d042309ecf63409e3538d8’,‘1163448476’)


File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/index.php

Line: 41

Function: require

File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/init.php

Line: 103

Function: require

File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/core/sessions.php

Line: 74

Function: sess_start

File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/core/sessions.php

Line: 227

Function: _start

File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/core/sessions.php

Line: 97

Function: db_query

File: /nfs/cust/3/65/38/683563/web/bpr/core/db_mysql.php

Line: 89

Function: db_debug_error


In the table cscart_settings look for the option_name “debugging_console” and the change the “value” to N.

thanks. i tried to change it via mysql, and got the error like:

ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ‘xxx’@‘%’ to database ‘xxxx’.

i am not good at mysql, and dont’ understand why i can view the table and can’t change one value.

anywany, any other way to work around ?

thanks again.


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