Database Dummy

I have no idea how to access the database. All I know is you can’t find it using FTP and looking around for the file.

I’m trying to fix data for about 400 products recently imported:

1] Return Period - shows 10 days, even though the code has been altered to show 60 days by default.

2] I need to change some of the other data for the 400 products as well, and none of the data is available to “bulk” edit in ADMIN.

Can anyone offer some general guidelines: (accessing and editing the database for dummies)?


Step 1: turn on your computer by pressing the button

Step 2: no, not that one, the other one

Step 3: wait for system to boot up, get a Coke while you’re waiting


Can you login to your server and if so, do you have phpMyadmin?

Yes, I can log into the server via FTP. I can also use the C-Panel, which shows the following database programs:

MySQLDatabase Wizard



you can access your database with phpMyAdmin


On my first try I managed to change the return period default, and then search and replace all the “10’s” with “60’s”. Pretty slick.

I noticed a few mystery fields in there, plus some interesting data entries.

For example, under the field “product_type”, most of my products are blank. Some have “C” for configurable. Yet others have “N” for Normal. I’m guessing the blank ones are read as “N” by the system, so a blank and a “N” mean the same thing. Just a guess though.

I’ll have to do some more poking around and see if I can fix a few things without blowing up the whole database.

I appreciate the help.