Database doubled in size on 2.2.1

Hi Everyone,

After my install to 2.2.1 my database went from 12 mb to 24mb.

To give a bit more information, I did a upgrade on my live site from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1. Everything went fine, but I lost some config files that for some reason weren’t properly backed up, so I had to do a revert back to 2.1.4 to save the files. This worked fine, and after I successfully backed up the files I needed, I re-upgraded to back to 2.2.1.

The problem is, the database doubled in size!

Is it possible that the database may have somehow duplicated itself during the upgrade/revert/upgrade process? Has anyone else had a problems like this?

When I first did the upgrade, the site was very slow, so I emailed cs-cart with the details and the problem.

And also contacted my provider, who transferred my site on to a more powerful machine with more memory, which sped things up dramatically. I emailed Cs-cart support to update the status and also ask why the database doubled in size, but as usual their helpful response was just, “we checked the site and its fast for us”, with no mention of the database doubling in size.

Is it normal for the database to double in size with an upgrade?

For anybody else that has this problem its a bug.

If you upgrade/revert and upgrade again the database will keep doubling in size each time.

To fix this, I reverted back again to 2.1.4 then reinstalled the database from a backup I did prior to upgrading to 2.2.1 in the first place.

Then did the upgrade to 2.2.1 again. This brought my database back to its original size and also fixed the problem with the high cpu usage.

Thanks cs-cart for your always helpful advice! (not)

What is doubling? The number of tables or the data within the tables?

Since most data uses common elements of the system a primary keys, it is unlikely that products and/or orders would be duplicated.

It would help if you could be more specific on what was chewing up the space. The revert should simply have reloaded the tables that were saved in the upgrade. Note that there are new tables (3-4 I think) that come with 2.2, but 3-4 tables being left that aren't used shouldn't be a problem and shouldn't account for things doubling.

More detail would be helpful.

Not entirely sure what was doubled, I didn't check the contents of the database, but it seems as if the entire database was doubled.

If you have a test installation you can try it yourself. Upgrade, then revert, then upgrade again and check the size of your database.

Just tried but don't have this issue. It's just as big.

I had a similar problem with another ecomm site. The issue was that the logs were capturing everything. Might be worth checking the size of your logs table. Also check your log settings to see what information you really need to capture in order to manage your store.