Database diagram

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to post an diagram with all the relations (Entity Relationship Diagram) so it’s clear which table is related to another?

Makes life a lot easier whenever you are looking for something in the database…

Do you know how big that diagram would be? HUGE!!

I just tried to automatically create an EER diagram with Mysql workbench. However, it doesn’t work because there are no foreign key relationships defined in the database. Without getting into arguments on if that’s bad or good, either way there would be a lot of work getting a good diagram. You could manually update the diagram as needed, or go ahead and create the foreign key relationships in the database, at the risk of breaking things.

On a side note, the free version of Workbench won’t automatically reverse engineer a database. But, you can export the create database script from the cs-cart database, then import that into Workbench, and create a diagram from there.


I don’t think it would be too bad if you were just mapping keys. Maybe I will try building a map in concept mapper or Freemind…

When I was doing the X conversion… the toughest part was not correlations of id keys… it was finding the php code to tell me what the different ‘type’ flags are that appear all over the place (i.e. affiliate action links, product image pairs, etc.) Sometimes the defaults are helpful - sometimes they are not. Usually the default type is only one ‘type’ of flag for a record and the options (unlike, say product status, order status, etc.) are improbable to guess.

An example of how a plain diagram is NOT helpful is the whole shipping/tracking/cost storage serialization as order data… it took a bit for me to figure out what went to what. Just looking at the tables you’d still be stumped.