Database backup taking a long time - Solution

I noticed that it was taking a long time to backup my database 15-20mins and in particular the files below seemed to take a long time;



I had a look on the forum and found that others have had similar issues but there did not seem to be a explanation as to what the cause was. I contacted support and they have explained that any files with the “stat” relate to statistics so two simple solutions offered to improve backup times were

  1. Delete your shop statistics periodically
  2. Exclude the large stat files from backups

    Just thought I would share the info

I too have noticed this.

Despite having the 'stats' addon disabled my 'cscart_stat_requests' table contained 468,000 records. I cleared them out and the database was 15MB smaller!

I will be keeping an eye on it more in future.

If done through admin then var/database/backup