Database Backup Hung It After 4 Hours


i'm used cs-cart ver 3.0.2 and my database size: 252,779,951 bytes .

i'm using database backup in cs-cart and hung this page after 4h .

pls help me

Suggest 2 things:

  1. Turn on DB error logging in your “log settings” tab.
  2. Work with your host to diagnose.

    A 250MB DB backup should complete within a couple of minutes if you're on a VPS or dedicated server. If you're on a shared server then it could vary widely.

    Note that you might want to try doing an uncompressed DB backup if you are on a shared host. The process is:
  3. dump the DB to a sql file
  4. Compress that file

    Odds are you're dieing in #2.


  1. Optimize your database at first
  2. Open controllers/admin/database.php
  3. Replace

fn_define('DB_ROWS_PER_PASS', 40);


fn_define('DB_ROWS_PER_PASS', 4000);

4. Try again. If you see white screen, decrease the value from 4000 to 1000