Data Feeds how can i exclude out of stock items?

When i export my feed it take all items

i dont want to hide out of stock item

i just dont want it include in data feeds so i pay for dead clicks

You might want to request that the developers add a selection criterion to exclude 0 quantity item for the datafeed export.

in the meantime, you can accomplish this with just a little bit of work:

  1. make sure your export includes the ‘quantity’ column
  2. export your datafeed to the server
  3. download the feed file to your computer
  4. open in a spreadsheet progam
  5. sort on the quantity column
  6. delete all rows with quantity = 0
  7. (optionally) delete the quantity column if you do not want to include it in your feed
  8. upload your revised feed file to whatever service


Resurrecting an old threat I know, but it seems the feeds still do not dynamically mark items as out of stock?

No, I had to have our dev hard code the features to do that with a cron job. then we donload the features.

BTW, for Bing, just mark it in stock, they won't even load it otherwise. Google doesn't really seem to care either.

Sure but we are paying for advertising products that are out of stock.

More urgently I have finally setup the cron and I have 2 storefronts with separate feeds. It seems however that although it updates these feeds now it adds all products from both stores into both feeds???