Data Feed Question

I finally got some time to try setting up a Google Base feed using the Data Feed addon.

Is there a way to simply add ALL active products to the feed without having to go and manually select them? Unless I’m missing something, it looks like you have to add each product individually and you have to know which ones are active and which ones aren’t. Any help there?

Also, when exporting the description, it includes all the HTML tags. Does Google accept this?

I have been comparing both of these this past week and depending on how your data is entered i.e. descriptions with tags, no this is not acceptable for Google Base. The Google Base export strips the tags out for you whereas the Data Feed does not. The Google export also only includes active products in the feed.

You only need to select the categories for the Data Feed but I was experiencing problems exporting. I am not sure if it had to do with the amount of categories and/or products I have but when I hit export, all I got was a blank page. On my test site with the demo data it exports fine.

So in short, it’s basically up to you but the Google export is set up for the requirements of Google Base.

OK thanks. I guess I will continue to use the Google Base export for now since it seems to produce better output with less effort.

On the data feed addon, I didn’t try adding Categories because I have some products that are in more than one category and I figured Google doesn’t want duplicate products.

Another problem seems to be the “condition” (i.e. new or used) attribute that Google requires. How do you get that into the feed with the Data Feed Addon?

I may try setting up feeds for Shopzilla and PriceGrabber using the Data Feed addon to see how it works for those engines.

Data Feed is a lot newer than Google export so I have not spent a lot of time looking through the code to see what’s what. The nice thing about the Data Feed is you have more field options. The fields are taken from the /schemas/exim/product.php which is used for the regular product import/export and I have been able to add the Google export fields to the Data Feed but I haven’t figured out how to have them both at the same time. If I figure it out, it will make the regular Google export obsolete.


I’m having a little problem eporting my products with google base. When I’m exporting the google base products, do I need to set CSV delimiter: Simicolon, comma or tab? any help with this please.