data feed question

Hey All! Im trying to use the data feed to create my upload file for Google merchant. The problem I have is that teh description comes ot with all the HTML so I cant use it. The export data feature just gives me the description text.

Any ideas?


While it might be a pain in the butt, you could create short descriptions and then just use them for the descriptions of your feed.

You might also want to check on Tbirnseth's XML feed addon. I think that might strip the html from the descriptions.

I hope that helps,


Ya thanks. Im hoping someone will have aquick fix as the normal export strips it all but the data feed doesnt. Seems weird. I think we will need to go to an add on from someone as we also have variants on clothing and cant see how the data feed handles that. With Google Merchant center being so important Im suprised at the lack of emphasis on it.




I am also desperately looking for a nice and clean way to generate xml feeds for Google and other shopping sites, not to mention my affiliate partners.

If anyone knows how to strip the html during export, I would love to hear it.



Ehm, my export also has html but it works fine? Google simply accepts it and shows it correctly.

You are right. Maybe I have to rephrase my problem: I need clean feeds. Mostly for other shopping websites and affiliates. Most of them do not accept html within product description.

Sorry if I was unclear.



Ok, well, then like Brandon said, maybe try [url=“”][/url]

or export to excel and strip html [url=“Strip off Html tags from excel”][/url]

To strip all the HTML from an Excel document, open it in Excel, select the entire column, do a find/replace with the following:

FIND: <*>

REPLACE: [do not put anything here]

Press find/replace all and you are set.

Only disadvantage is you have to manually open the document and safe it again. It might take some work, but it works for me.