Data Feed Automated Language Translations


Is there a way to install some kind of add-on that will allow automated language translations on all our webpages for Google Data Feed purposes?

I would like to include my product data feeds to different Country origins, such as Germany and Spain. Google requires that the correct currency is displayed and correct language is displayed on the website.


Hi hobbiesdeveloper,

We believe it can be achieved with the help of Google Translate API. But obviously Google Translate is not free (see this and also the necessary modification itself can be quite pricеy.

We think the best solution is to use the standard means: to install approptiate language packs and make translation.

But anyway if you are interested in the modification let us know.

Warmly, Alt-team



We are glad to present you the Cloud Translation by Google add-on that allows to easily translate a lot of CS-Cart entities.