Data Export Issue

Having a weird issue, running 4.3.6 (BUT this issue was here on 4.3.5 as wel!)

When I export data, tried on both product images and features, it appears though sometimes the export "forgets" to put the newline character (Binary 00001010, also called Line Feed) in some places. It appears to do it on the same line every time, both documents on line 31 has two lines of data.

Check out the screenshots, it'll probably make more sense then lol.

I also uploaded the features CSV, open it in notepad and look for the newline character after the "e" in store, just bring your cursor there and hit right or left arrow, you'll find that the cursor sits on a character, that's the newline character (it's invisible) then go to "Optional Float Collars" and go to the double quote to it's left, that is supposed to be a newline there between those double quotes (there isn't)

Is this a bug? Has anyone else experienced this before? This is reeeealy frustrating because I was making some really good headway on building the site until I had to export some data to fix a bunch of things at once... and now I can't... it's sort of holding me up.

Site is if you want to check out anything there.

Thanks in advance!

features cleaned.PNG


images cleaned.PNG



Just found someone else that had the same issue, but a long time ago, and it was fixed somehow; check it out here

Upon closer discovery, it appears that the first issue happens on line 31 (30th row of data (1 row of headers)) and then the issue happens every 29th line thereafter.

Just bumping 'cuz I really want to know if I can fix this somehow or if this is a glitch somehow.


What delimiter are you using? Default is semicolon but I have found that comma works best.

What delimiter are you using? Default is semicolon but I have found that comma works best.

I have tried both semicolon and comma, both do the same thing unfortunately!

May need to contact helpdesk then. I've exported several files today with thousands of products and I do not experience the issue you describe. Using Excel to open files.