Data base up load

I have been attemping to upload CVS file and it seems to hang on the first entry. Has anybody had this issue and if so how did you fix it

I can’t tell for sure which is your problem, but I have found the import catalog feature to be a little picky.

Now and then I would get the same problem you are having and found that the following things must be done on MY system to get imports to work well.

  • CSV delimiter needs to be semicolon. The import screen gives you other options, but I’ve found my csv file must use semi-colons to work.
  • main_category filed must be present in csv file. And it must look like category///sub-category///and so on
  • Directory where images are located must start AND end with /

    When I encountered the problem you are having it was usually because of the image directory listing, I usually forgot the ending /