Dashboard Sales Totals are Incorrect - 2.2.4

I ran into an issue where the dashboard sales totals are not displaying correct, or as they used to. Nothing has changed to my knowledge but it happened this week.

The “Today” total is correct, however the previous day does not display the correct infromation. The weekly total is also off, as is the previous week, month and previous month.

This use to display accurate information.

Is there anything that could have changed this?

Thank you in advance.

Problem stille exists =(

For example, yesterdays sales on the dashboard show “0.00”, however there were quite a few sales yesterday.

Any suggestions on what would make this not reflect correctly?

just a stab in the dark but…will it only show the sales amount when the order is complete status ?

I've messed with the statuses and that doesn't appear to be the case.

The wierd thig is, I just recevied a few new orders, and now yesterday reflects one of the sales… but still not all. Yesterdays numbers seem to change randomly as new orders come in. However the total is still way off.

Note 'Previous Day' total

View orders, then manually calculate the order totals for all orders placed yesterday

If these values are not the same, I will bet this is down to some orders not being marked as Shipped nor Complete. Only 'Complete' orders are in this table.

If you would like a more advanced version of the dashboard sales, please feel free to PM me.

It only counts orders where the status setting is “inventory increment”. Once you're beyond adjustment of inventory, it won't be counted.

Seems it would be bettter to simply use the 'status' to exclude Incomplete, Failed, Declined and Canceled orders. But that's not how it was done.