Dashboard "latest orders"

Hi all

I am having some strange issues with the “latest orders” on the admin dashboard. Please see picture.

2 things:


I cant figure out how the shown orders are selected. Right now it shows orders 21, 20, 4, 1 and 39.

It is not the newest ordres or the latest with changes.


The last order on the picture (order #39) keeps refreshing the timestamp for purchase. It seems like it logs the last time I logged in on the dashboard.

Any of these things makes sense to you guys?


Skærmbillede 2012-10-11 kl. 19.44.21.png

Have you changed the sort order by accident in orders, perhaps you have them sorted by email addresss or something


Hi John

I can not rule that out - however I do not where to change this, so it should surely be by accident.

You know where to control this?


in admin>orders, just click the column header


Its really screwed up.

It is sorting by date and shows attached. It would seem like the time stamping is sick in some way. It time stamps a lot of the orders with current time and date, even though the orders are old.

Im lost ;-)

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