Dashboard Appears Super Slow


I am using multi vendor v4.10.4.

we have more than 10000 orders in total and dashboard is super slow to show contents it takes like 60secs or so in admin dashboard, and vendor dashboards takes about 30-60secs.

the default date length is 1month so it may take than 1 day calculation but it takes too much long.

does anyone have same issue with this?

I think theres a small bug to be like a bottle neck which is slowing down dashboard calculations?

We have the same problem - our system has 400k+ orders and the dashboard will take UP TO 10 MINUTES to display.

Help desk gave us this fix a couple of years ago when they first redesigned the dashboard / added vendor plans, and it works for us though I have to redo it every time there is a major update:

In order to resolve the issue we have commented the following line:

$include_commission = Registry::get('addons.vendor_plans.status') == 'A';
in the app/controllers/backend/index.php file.

FYI, we completed the most recent upgrade & this is thankfully no longer an issue in 4.11.5.

thank you for your answer!