Cvv2 Field Removal In Version 4.0.3

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to remove the CVV2 (card security code) field from the credit card payment method being displayed during checkout in 4.0.3? In prior versions there was an admin setting to choose the card information being displayed (Admininstration>Credit Cards) allowing you to enable or disable the CVV2 field, however I cannot find this anywhere in 4.0.3… We have not required the CVV2 number for approx 2 years now as it actually causes more problems than benefits as we deal mostly in b2b transactions of which the majority are repeat customers, so I really need to disable the CVV2, thanks!

Doesn't look like you can do it from admin, but you can modify:


Might be best to copy to a different template name and then use that in the payment setup. I.e.


Note the DB should then list it as:


Thanks alot for the confirmation “T”, guess this is another bit of functionality that mysteriously vanished…

Yeah, I ran into another useless change when trying to bring over a payment processor to V4 from V4. Seems that $processor_data['params'] to $processor_data['processor_params']. Now that sure adds a whole lot of value to the customer and/or the developer.

There are tons of these little bombs throughout which is what makes it so frustrating to port from an earlier version to V4. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out why something doesn't work, only to find stuff like above (and no documentation on the change).