Customize Email Templates For Different Storefronts


We have multiple storefronts under one CS-Cart Ultimate install. I'm trying to find a way to do one of the following:

1. Activate or deactivate automated emails on a storefront-by-storefront basis. (For example, most storefronts want the automatic order confirmation email for Open orders to go out, but two storefronts do not want that email sent.)

2. Edit email templates on a storefront-by-storefront basis. Some storefronts want to have custom fields in these order confirmation emails, but they seem to be globally set.

Is there any way to do this with a standard CS-Cart installation, or is there an add-on I'm not finding?


I'm not sure (for the new editor) but if you're using the new email editor, you should be able to edit the emails in the context of the store and have those changes save for that storefront only. But I'm not certain on the new editor.....

For the old editor, you would need to override the templates and then have the override include the specific template for a storefront. In emails, CSS is embedded in the template so you can't just edit css and have the styling be different for different storefronts. But since the new editor stores the data in the DB, it "should" be able to have different instances for different storefronts.

Someone else may have a different approach....

For old editor I can also suggest make a clone of the current theme and use it on the second store-front. In this case you can edit invoice templates directly in the theme