Customising 'Specific Settings' of an Appearance Type

I thought I’d re-post this here as it’s probably more appropriate!

Hi All

Does anyone know how I can add an additional checkbox/parameter to the specific settings of an appearance type when editing blocks?

What I want to do is take the products_multicolumns.tpl from the views/products/components and pass the buy_now.tpl call within it show_features=true so that the features for a product are displayed with the other info.

I’ve currently achieved this using hooks (created a product_multicolumns_list.override.tpl in addons\my_changes\hooks\products and customised the code to add this parameter to the buy_now.tpl call.

That’s fine and is does what I want but now where ever I use the products_multicolumns.tpl appearance type for a products content type, I get my override - and I don’t always want to!

So… my question boils down to:

  1. Can I create my own appearance type for products? and how. I’ve tried just copying the products_multicolums.tpl and renaming it but it doesn’t appear in the appearance type drop down.

  2. Can I add another parameter to the specific settings values for an existing appearance type?

    I got as far as following the admin code to the update.tpl in admin\views\block_manager but could see how the select dropdown options where being populated.

    thanks for any pointers/help


See this post: