Customers cannot checkout

I am testing the no-code version of CS-Cart in the muti vendor marketplace. We have not gone live yet, but I have some concerns.

Stripe connect has randomly stopped working (it was working previously); we get the error message: ‘Important Transaction was canceled by the customer’ whenever we attempt to ‘check out’ on our website, even though the associated vendor has a stripe connect account connected.

In fact, no payment method works at all, no matter what payment method is selected the customer is not shown any payment options on checkout, only their address, billing address email and shipping information. Though when I turn all payment methods off, it does not allow customers to access the checkout page (as you would expect). This leads me to think this is a CS cart bug rather than a Stripe bug. This is very odd since it was all working fine 2 days ago.

An error also appears if we disconnect a connected stripe account and then click ‘I already have a stripe account’: {“error”:{“message”:“No application matches the supplied client identifier”}}

Finally, we noticed that ‘order status’ is bugged, whenever we attempt to click ‘notify the customer’ OFF when we manually change order statuses, the customer is always notified and emailed (it ticks itself back again) - clearly this is not a good thing if we have marked a customer as ‘checking for fraud’.

Hopefully, someone may be able to help, though with no-code access it is tough.

I can confirm the cause of this problem was the add-on:

Simtech Development: New Generation
Theme improvements.

As soon as I disabled it, the checkout worked again.


Thanks for the information!

It has been already forwarded to the developers, they are working on a fix.

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