Customer Un-paying orders that are already paid


This issues happened once every month or so, and hopefully it is some setting I can change.

We take paypal on our website. When someone pays, the order goes into the ‘Processed’ status…and then in the ‘Completed’ status once we have shipped the order.

We get a decent amount of orders on the website, so we don’t check other status for failed payments etc.

Once every month we get an email from a customer saying

“I ordered something 2 weeks ago, and it hasn’t shipped”

We check the order, and its in failed or ‘incomplete’ status. We search our emails, and login to paypal and we do indeed have the order there and its paid.

At first I thought it was paypal not syncing with the database properly. But now I believe it is the customer themselves logging in and changing something on their order.

Is it possible for a customer to login to our system, see all of these orders, click on an order and try to pay for it again? Once they get to the stage where it takes them into paypal - they return the website, but paypal changes the status of the order to complete?

Is this what is happening? If so, how do I disable customers from doing this?

If it is not this issue…does anyone have any ideas?

happened to me also for thefirsttime yesterday.

Paypal shows the order as complete, but incs-cart the order was incomplete.

I figure that it is paypal being slow…

I am not sure not if I am just making this up, as it was during the xmas period…

We had a device that was on preorder for over 2 months, and hundreds of orders where in a special 'preorder' status.

I believe one of these orders changed from this status into an incomplete status…So I don't think its paypal in this case…

I have never made an order via paypal and paid for it with a friends account, and then logged in to see what options there are…can customers try and repay for orders, and does this knock the payment status out of wack?

Same thing happened to me , order placed on 31 March as incomplete, 2nd April still incomplete I checked paypal reciepts and it is there as paid, thought Id put it on the back burner to investigate when I have time then I seen this post.

Coincidence ?? or anyone else get the same

This happened to me today. Order was placed using PayPal Standard, payment type:Instant. I received the PayPal email saying I got paid. I did not get the order from CS-CART. When I looked, the order status was incomplete and the invoice had “Payment processor response: Transaction was canceled by the customer”. I called the customer and she did not cancel. She said nothing was happening ( order did not seem to complete) and she tried to order again. Not sure exactly what happened or what she did or did not do. First time I saw a cancel. I have seen orders with incomplete status for about 10 minutes before changing to a processed status.


If the order is in the Incomplete status then the info should never have gotten to paypal. If it did, the order should be in the Open status. When paypal does a callback to the cart and confirms success of the order, then the order will be moved to Processed.

So you can probably figure out where the breakdown is by the order status.

Theoretically it could be possible for customer to submit an order to paypal in one tab/window and to then update that order with bad info that would cause it to be Incomplete. But I'd think it would take some magic fingers to get the timing just right.


Your explanation is what I have Normally seen. The difference is that the last PayPal order was processed at PayPal and then cs-cart put in “canceled by customer” on the invoice and changed to incomplete. Can't tell if it ever was in Open state. I have seen in open and then change to a processed state in the past. I only had this problem one time and it seemed to be the similar to the other posts. I did post an Amazon payments problem and have a ticket submitted where the amazon payment got posted at Amazon, but did not process at cs-cart, instead the customer was taken to the check.checkout page and the message was that order was cancelled ( but was not) was indicated on that page. Maybe these similar occurrences are just coincidences.

I stopped using Amazon payments, and I get little PayPal std orders, mostly PayPal Express. May not know for a while if there is a chronic problem or not.


In taking a quick look at the code in 2.2.4, it appears that this happens if:

  1. status == 'N' (incomplete)
  2. or status == 'I' (Partial Fill) and $action == 'repay'

    So it would seem that the customer is attempting a repay (maybe impatient) and there's not enough inventory to satisfy the new order.