Customer Track Order Access Denied

Customers reported, when they enter their order id number into the “track my order” field, and a system generated email is sent to them. When they clicked the tracking link in that email relays an “access denied” 404 error.

Status of the order was “C” = completed / shipped

Email that received


You requested information on the orders you placed in our store.

To view order #9296 please open this link:


To view all your orders, please follow this link:



*BTW I'm using CS CART 4.1.3

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This happens occasionally in my store also (2.2.5) but I was never able to spot the problem. Guessing, I figured maybe that a customer used maybe their cell phone/table to check the order status via email but then on another computer checked the status. I think it has a security type protection so only the computer that the link request came from can view it with-in a certain amount of time.

I would be very curious too to see if someone knows why that might be happening.