Customer Pickup Shipping Option

Looking for a new development with the following specification:

  1. Create new shipping option for customer pickup at a trade show
  2. Option is added to all Vendor accounts automatically.
  3. Shipping option would offer range of selectable dates for customers to choose from for product pickup, for two different annual trade show events - either 4 or 11 days long (as defined by SuperAdmin)
  4. Customer Pickup order type and their selected date would be highlighted on vendor order page
  5. Selected date and location of booth at trade show would be highlighted on customer invoice
  6. SuperAdmin defines date range for trade shows
  7. Vendors can then select their available dates via checkbox from range created by SuperAdmin
  8. Vendors can enter their trade show booth number
  9. Add logic so if Vendor does not select available dates and does not enter booth number, shipping option is unavailable to customer
  10. SuperAdmin enable/disable switch to show and hide this shipping method for Vendors.
  11. Add function that clears all entered data (date ranges and booth numbers). This could take place during the enable/disable function.
  12. Developed for MVE 4.5.2+

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