Customer information management

When we use Paypal as Check out in payment method, where does the customer's info being stored? In Paypal or in cs-cart server?

Similar question to Gateways. For example, if I use as my gateway payment services, does the customer's info stored in their server or in my cs-cart server?



When they pay with Paypal you get this info stored in your site database:

Method: Paypal

Order status: Processed

Transaction ID: 34278370N16765449

Customer email: <— this is the email used to pay on Paypal


This info appears on the order page. You can get this info as well on Paypal. All credit card info is stored on Paypal or

Hope it helps.


Thanks, Belzibot! Definitely help me to sort it out. :-)

Incorrect for authorizenet_aim payment method. However the cc info is masked to store only the last 4 by default. All methods that use the cc.tpl template will store payment card info. Note that in 3.0.4 full cc info can be retained as an config option…