Customer Combining Product To Build A Package

Does anyone know of a way to have a visitor build a package on the site? I am looking to allow my visitors to choose a quantity of an item and have it combine the prices together. Example of what I mean:

On the page or category I would like to display any number of products that can be combined into the “package”. The client chooses X number of products to see one total price. So instead of shopping through a category and having to go to each product page to add to cart they can add it to the cart directly from that category or page?

This is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.

Easy Buy Bundles - Build Your Own Reef Cleaner Package

I have played around with a category, added products without any options and it works… but a little confusing on how to “combine” them as it doesn't really “build” a package.

Does anyone out there have any other ideas about this?

Thanks for you help!

I know that it is an old topic, but somebody can look for it.

We have the CS-Cart modification "Gift product configurator (Add to box)".

This modification allows your clients to build their own combined kit from the products in a special category. The administrator defines the price for the combined product beforehand. This price is fixed and it doesn't change if the clients put different products in the kit.

This modification can be used to create:

- gift boxes;

- chocolate boxes;

- flower bouquets.

Please remember that we can modify this solution to meet your demands. Contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards, Alt-team.