Customer Address Fields Missing From Checkout

Hi team,

Sorry to post in the category, but for some reason I am not allowed to post on your 'Issues and Troubleshooting' forum.

Anyway, my issue is that recently the 'Deliver to' fields on the 'Checkout' page are missing the 'Street Address'. The only fields available to a customer placing an order is the 'City', 'State/Province' and Country. Customers are unable to add complete address.

This is further complicated by the 'Sign in' section actually having the complete address fields.

Even more confusing is our sub-website Checkout, which has nowhere to enter the address at all.

Or main website is and the sub-website is

Any ideas how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


You may check this out:

1. Check checkout blocks settings as mentioned in the previous post

2. Make sure that the corresponding profiles fields are shared with second store-front

Hi guys,

Thanks for that advice. I have now got the addresses appearing on the front end again. I have no idea how they went missing?

My new problem is, while the customer can now enter the address, it is not appearing in our back end on the order?

On my Orders page in the left hand column, the Shipping Address and Billing Address boxes only show 'Australia'. The rest of the address is missing?


It is required to examine issue on your server. We never faced such issue. Try to contact support team

Hi guys,

We still appear to be plagued with cart issues and cannot seem to understand what is happening. I have a main website and a sub-site, but f a customer signs up to the main website, this does not carry over to the sub-website. So the customer needs to signup a second time, if they wish to purchase from the sub-site.

The other issue we face is that customers appear to be able to purchase from out main website, but when they purchase from our Sub-website (Sheet Music), sometimes it fails to bring the customer details across wit the order. The order has no name or address? We cannot understand why this happens sometimes and sometimes not?

In followup to my previous comment. I have Disabled anonymous checkout and it would appear that if customers are registered, everything works OK. It is only the Anonymous checkouts that are not populating the address in the backend order.

If you have any ideas how I can allow anonymous orders, that would be great, but at least Disable anonymous checkout stops the issues with missing addresses.

My only remaining issue appears to be with the cross site sign up, not working. How do I get a sign up from one of the websites, to sign up to the other one?

I should probably add. When I go into All Stores and select 'Stores', there is a tick box to "Share users among stores". However, when I select this and hit save, I get the error "ErrorThe setting value can not be changed as identical email addresses are registered in your store".

I have thousands of users, so how do I find these duplicates?

OK. So I have spent the day sifting through 3400 users, removing any identical email addresses. There were lots. However, I am still getting the message "ErrorThe setting value can not be changed as identical email addresses are registered in your store".

I have gone through again and again but cannot find anymore duplicates, yet I am getting the error.

Is there a way to get Cs-Cart to show me duplicates or to merge any remaining duplicates? Or is there a way to override this error, as I need the contacts to be shared across stores?