Custom Work Needed


We got multiple projects that need to be developed:

1. Hide/Show field for customer profile

We want a way to separate business customers and private customers. By adding a radio button or link that say “Private Customer” - “Business Customer”, we would like to show/hide Company name and VAT number (profile fields) accordingly. Both for checkout, new customer and edit profile.

2. 1 common cart from multiple stores

We have a multistore cs-cart where we would like to make the possibility to add products from separate stores into one cart. So we have store A, B and C. A customer should be able to go an add products from all three stores into one cart, then choose one of the stores to check out of. So basically it will end up as a normal order from eg. Store B, but could contain products from Store A and C in the same order. Coupon codes should only work on the products from the checkout store.

3. API or other way to update stock and orderstatus

We currently change stock and order status by writing directly to the database (via API). This works ok, but we are missing some of the CS-Cart functionality. For products that go from 0 → x amounts in stock, it does not automagically send out the “Send me an e-mail when this is back in stock”. So we have to go back manually and first set “0” and then “x” on the product in the admin panel. Also the order status change does not activate the RMA form, when update directly in the DB.

There might be more/other stuff that must be fixed also.

hi Joachim,

we are interested in developing these customizations for you so please don't hesitate to contact us

best regards,

WSA team

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